“Panopticon”- Person of Interest Review- (Season 4, Episode1)

24 09 2014

POI banner

After a long summer’s worth of waiting, the numbers have finally come back. Person of Interest returned tonight with their Season 4 premiere, and all I can say is it’s nice to have this Tuesday night void filled again. However, this episode started out by reminding us that things have changed, with the agents of Samaritan prowling around with their newly gained authority. Even the transitions between scenes has been updated from The Machine’s point of view to Samaritan’s. Team Machine is back, but they’ve been assigned new lives in order to blend in. Some are appropriate- Harold as a professor and John as a cop- but Shaw as a perfume salesperson is played more for its absurd comic value. Fusco is still a detective, and that made me realize that I sometimes forget that he doesn’t know about The Machine, so of course he doesn’t have to hide. Could I throw a theory out there that maybe this season he’ll finally find out the truth about their source of knowledge?

The indication is that possibly a few months have passed since the events of the season 3 finale (does Samaritan’s interface have a date section? I didn’t notice one). So basically, tonight’s new number, an Egyptian store owner, is the first one since The Machine lost to Samaritan. As far as numbers go, it was another interesting story, but this blog has always been more about the serialized events of the show. And the serialized game was strong indeed tonight. It looks like this show has changed for the long haul once again.

My two favorite new developments was (A) Reese becoming Fusco’s new partner, and (B) Elias’ potential new role. First of all, it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing more of Fusco, which is always a good thing for his character. And I totally predicted Elias would have a bigger role this season due to his ability to work under the radar. The only question now is if he can be trusted for a whole season (probably not). Whichever path, it’s a treat to see Enrico Colantoni enjoying his role so much. All in all, this was a solid premiere that shows fresh potential for POI‘s fourth season.


Chess does not suit Bear.


Points of Interest:

1.  “Hello, John.” Haha YES.

2. How about Reese taking Carter’s old desk? That moment had so many emotions.

3. Why didn’t Bear get a new identity? That’d be so awesome, just to see his picture change each time.

4. Did anyone catch the throwback moment to the show’s pilot? “You can’t hold a gun like that.” Also, the mask and grenade launcher.

5. This is already a memorable season. Here’s to keeping up the pace!


Final Score:

POI four bear




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