“Nautilus” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 2)

1 10 2014

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Just when you think the writers can’t keep a show fresh in its fourth season, they give us an episode like “Nautilus.” With the premiere out of the way, I expected more of a standalone number story, and at first it appeared to be the case. The POI was a college student who’s caught up in some shadowy game that’s played through cracking codes, hacking, and going to special locations. This provided a satisfying side of mystery to the hour, and that would have been enough, but then the bomb dropped that Samaritan was the game maker?! Not only that, it was using the “game” to take out a potential rival AI, while recruiting the winner as a new asset. So that’s when Team Machine got there just in time and kept her from making the wrong decision. Or, not this time. Twist number 2: this week’s person of interest ended up becoming an ally of Samaritan. Will we see her again? Will she be an antagonist, or is this just showing how vast Samaritan’s methods are?

I actually enjoyed this more than the premiere because I wasn’t expecting it to tie in to the larger story, and it also reinforced that  Samaritan will be a threat for more than just the opening episodes. For the story, that’s a great thing. All the developments- the new intro, permanent covers, limitations on resources, and overall dystopian tone- have added a lot to this season already. Not to mention the kickin’ new base of operations revealed this episode- I loved the library but the station is legit.  Next up- start a revolution. So far, so good for Season Four.

Shaw, enjoying not selling perfume.

Shaw, enjoying not selling perfume.

Points of Interest:

1. Fusco and Reese becoming work partners was a great idea. Their interactions with the code-cracking and assigning more work were some of the funniest moments.

2. It appears that Root has the most vocational freedom out of the team, but honestly I’m not sure what her assignment actually is.

3. I appreciated how the bulk of the hour followed Reese and Finch. Shaw and the rest still had their moments, but it was good to see them working solely together for a good bit again. They’re still the backbone of the show.

4. It really does look like we’re building up to an eventual Machine vs. Samaritan throw-down, but that sounds more like finale material.

5.  The nautilus game may have been deadly and morally questionable, but it was pretty cool, no? Not that I would have even cleared stage 1…


Final Score:

POI four half bear




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1 10 2014
peter apache

I am from Zimbabwe and i very much enjoy your reviews a lot please keep up the good work.

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