“The Equalizer” – 2014 Movie Review

3 10 2014

Denzel in Rain

Imagine if Denzel Washington decided to star in a combination of Taken and Home Alone, threw in elements of his more butt-kickin’ films, and then made sure it earned a hard R rating. The suave, yet mangled body of justice that would be this creation is The Equalizer.


Csokas Teddy

Teddy and his cannon fodder crew.

Marton Csokas as the villain “Teddy” (or Nicolai) is despicable. I’m never completely sold on Chloë Grace Moretz, but her sympathetic portrayal of a troubled (maybe underage?) girl stuck in a prostitution ring did draw me in more than I expected. Since her character is essentially the catalyst to Robert’s return to vindictive violence, it’s a good thing this role displayed some of her better work.


Inadvertently the cause of so many deaths…

Nothing ground-breaking here, but if you’re a Denzel fan, you’ll enjoy the film.

Robert Teddy marton

Robert deciding on the most creative way to kill this fool.



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