“Wingman” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 3)

20 10 2014

POI banner

(First of all, sorry for these delayed reviews, as I’ve literally been out of the country. Secondly, I was planning on doing a combined review of this episode and the next, but after finishing the first hour, I decided it completely deserved its own review. So as of this writing, I have not yet seen “Brotherhood.”)

“Wingman” is basically Person of Interest‘s gift to Fusco fans who think he’s sometimes underused. He’s a great character- going from dirty cop henchman to comic relief to a goofy yet endearing three-dimensional member of the team. Kevin Chapman also happens to be a hilarious guy (just check out any behind-the-scenes content), so it’s only fair to give him an episode where he takes the spotlight.

This hour showed that POI‘s fourth season still knows its roots. “Wingman” is largely a standalone episode, following their classic number of the week formula. Fusco taking on a dating coach? Count me in. His interactions with Andre were awesome (“What’s wrong with a track suit?”).  Also, Reese and Fusco finally get their buddy-cop episode. However, on top of the solid, character-driven hour were some overall developments- mainly introducing a new police captain (Monique Gabriela Curnen). Nolan fans my know her as Detective Ramirez from The Dark Knight, and while that’s cool enough, her character Captain Moreno seems like a welcome addition. Will she stay on the side or become a bigger player?

Finally, I have to mention Mr. Egret. All I can say is I hope they bring back that alter identity for Finch back at some point, since Michael Emerson rocked that role. Also, it helped Team Machine obtain some serious loot.

Kevin Chapman POI



Points of Interest:

1. “Those shoes make you look like a cop.” – Andre

2. Did anyone pick up on Fusco mentioning his girlfriend Rhonda from season 2? That was a nice nod for a character that basically disappeared. I found some info on why she was canned, on IGN here. Anyway, nice Easter egg.

3. “I have only two modes, calm and furious.”

4. What ARE they going to use the rocket on?

5. Overall, this was a solid hour, not a filler.


Final Score:

POI four half bear




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