“Brotherhood” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 4)

21 10 2014

POI banner

Leave it to Person of Interest to throw in a jarring twist at the last possible moment. The real Dominic revealing himself, while brutally point-blanking the crooked DEA lady instantly bumped the episode’s score for me. What added to the impact was just how hopeful and straightforward the hour was looking to be, and then we’re given a new villain who just may undo all that good. Will this hour’s teen return in future episodes as a Brotherhood foot soldier, or will they even tell us his ultimate choice? Either way, I give kudos to the writers for sobering us up a little at the end.

Besides the Dominic setup, “Brotherhood” was a fairly standard, but enjoyable, episode. I was a little frustrated that Reese of all people didn’t at least suspect the DEA mole, especially after no backup arrived. Perhaps that was the show’s way of distracting us from the real twist at the end. I am glad, however, that they picked the gang back up from this season’s premiere. It’ll be interesting how threatening a street gang will be, given the current rogue’s gallery of Samaritan, Control and possibly Elias.

Speaking of Elias, Enrico Colantoni continues to deliver all the right notes. His parts with Finch in the subway were perfect because they revealed a little bit of friction and ended with an ambivalent tone. Will Elias discover what’s going on with Samaritan? What if he finds out Finch created a different Machine before? I’d really like to see him reemerge as a top threat. As fun as it has been to see him and Team Machine cooperate out of mutual benefit, we’ve already seen one recurring villain go to the light side (Root), and maybe some characters more interesting as antagonists. If Elias learns how to stay a step ahead of the surveillance entities, it could help complete his rise to dominance.


Jim Caviezel Reese

Points of Interest:

1. I’m still hoping we’ll see that trouble student POI from the “Nautilus” episode. It’d be cool to see her surface as Samaritan’s version of Root.

2. Speaking of a rogue’s gallery, what happened to that unseen “Voice Villain” from last season who threatened Harold at the end of the 911 call center episode? If they’re going to not continue villains, I wish they wouldn’t leave it open-ended in the first place.

3.  Is everyone still enjoying all the extra Fusco/Reese team-up moments? For some reason I just love this buddy cop development.

4. No Root tonight, and that’s okay with me. Again, I feel like she’s best used sparingly for a stronger effect.

5. The fact that this was my least favorite episode of the season so far shows how strong Season 4 has been thus far. Cheers!


Final Score:

POI four bear



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