“Prophets” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 05)

22 10 2014

POI banner

Tonight showed why Person of Interest is arguably the best network show out there. We got some giant character payoff moments, an escalating cold war, and a climatic fight that surely satisfied all the fans out there. First off, Jason Ritter guest-starred on “Prophets,” and he kicked it as a campaign manager who wasn’t sure who or what was targeting him and the rigged election. His character could have easily come across as an unlikable know-it-all, but instead I found it easy to sympathize with him as he struggled and ultimately failed to get the truth out into the public. How about Samaritan moving all the pieces around in the government? Creepy little AI.

On the serialized side, it was really Root and Finch’s episode. The whole scene with them talking about The Machine while hacking/researching together was satisfying. While I was pretty sure Root wouldn’t get knocked off that quickly without warning, Root’s death wish conversation later with Finch successfully upped the tension going into that awesome fight with Martine. Apparently Martine is a Terminator, by the way. I’m hoping they’ll give her more acting opportunities, but at least she has the combat down.

Reese was a little more in the background compared to other episodes, but boy did he make those scenes count. It does make sense that a cop with that much shooting history would be assigned a therapist though. I really enjoyed how we got some deep perspective into what drives Reese and Root to do what they do (in separate scenes).

Finally, we get some flashbacks! We got to see Nathan and Finch trying to instill some morality into The Machine (all 43 AI’s of it), which appropriately fit the episode. It was also a little startling, seeing an early version of The Machine trying to kill or lie to Finch. Not a bad commentary on AI in general. Will Finch embrace his “conscience of The Machine” role?  He better, because Samaritan and Greer aren’t messing around.



Fears loud noises, bananas.


Points of Interest:

1. Kind of over all this “shipping” encouragement with Root/Shaw, mmkay? We get it.

2. The whole cyborg women duel on two levels? That was pretty awesome.

3.  More Nathan flashbacks! Always fun to watch Brett Cullen.

4. The season has effectively shown how a machine like Samaritan could effectively recruit its own henchman in a few episodes now. It’s a cool concept, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them (especially Claire) reappear later.

5. Could we be heading to another midseason death shocker? They certainly were laying the ominousness thick towards the end…my money would be on Shaw or Root if that were to happen.


Final Score:

POI four half bear




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