“Honor Among Thieves”- Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 7)

17 11 2014

POI banner

“Honor Among Thieves” was an off episode for me. I say this because I’m not used to the drastic changes the writers have put Shaw’s  (Sarah Shahi) character through this season. Remember when we were first given some background on her in seasons 2 and 3, and how they continually drove home the point that this is a cold-blooded assassin who is medically unable to feel emotion (besides anger)? She stoically asked for a sandwich after her dad died in a car crash, for crying out loud. Now fast forward to this episode, and she’s giggling and swooning over a random thief like a schoolgirl. A thief who still wasn’t cleared from being the perpetrator, by the way.

Look, I get that maybe the show runners would like to attract a younger male demographic (representing here), but Shaw was never the slinky dress-wearing woman who falls for people at the drop of the hat. It’s like one day the show-runners realized Sarah Shahi was hot, and realized their mistake. Don’t even get me started on Root (Amy Acker) and Shaw’s interactions. Person of Interest, you had a character who was great because of her flaw, and then you took it away to make her more sexual. During this hour, she didn’t even feel like a real person, just a stereotypical TV female role.  The fact that Reese was largely absent didn’t help either- it only helped draw a comparison to past Shaw-centric episodes that were actually awesome …

Anyway, now that my rant’s over, I did enjoy seeing the Relevant side (AKA Shaw’s old work buddies) showing up. Grice seemed like a good guy, even figuring out things had changed with the system. I also loved Root and Finch’s mission to stop Samaritan from indoctrinating children with tablets, especially after finding out they might have been harmless. Finch voiced his inner struggle after ruining yet another person’s life, all in the name of fighting Samaritan. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. So no, I didn’t hate the whole episode- I only dislike how carelessly they’ve been playing around with characters who normally are solid.

Honor Among Thieves

Shaw, enjoying her newly found emotions.

Points of Interest:

1. Root’s “French Nanny Barbie” moments were great.

2. Will Grice possibly return? He seemed like an interesting guy, and since he wasn’t killed off by his partner at the end, I wonder if he’ll help Team Machine in the future…

3. Can 3D printers really create tablets? That’s new to me, but I’m too lazy to double-check on the Google.

4. It’s official, Finch can say just about any line and make it sound compelling.

5. Next episode appears to have a lot of Bear, so that’s a good sign, unless you have no heart.


Final Score:

POI three half bear




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