Point of Origin – Person of Interest Review” (Season 4, Episode 8)

19 11 2014

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It’s basically an established rule now that the last few minutes of Person of Interest will blow your mind. How many main and recurring characters have almost made it through the episode, only to be offed in the last few frames? Or what about the late-hour reveals of major villains or plot points? “Point of Origin” decided to end with a whiplash setup of what I’m assuming will eventually be the mid-season finale. Not to start the review with the end of the hour, but that was a crazy ending with Elias coming up as the next POI and Martine (Cara Buono) identifying Shaw (Sarah Shahi).

It feels like we could seriously lose another significant person on the show, and I would hate it if it were Elias. He’s just coming back into play, and he’s simply the best villain in the show’s rogues’ gallery. Since Shaw was specifically shown to be in danger, my guess is she won’t be the one to take the bullet. My strongest hunch if it were a Team Machine member would be Root, trying to save Shaw. That would at least give a point to the thus-far-pointless new dynamic the show-runners have given those two. Honestly, between Shaw, Elias, and Root, I’d much rather have Shaw go, since she’s had the least believable character arc out of the three, and all her stuff with Root just weighs both characters down.

Speaking of Shaw, this POI, an undercover cop posing as a police academy student, sort of felt like a lighter version of her. She didn’t care about her safety, was focused, and was quite capable with a weapon and tactics. I do wonder if we’ll ever get a perpetrator again, as I literally cannot remember the last one we had. Odd? Yes, but that’s not to say tonight’s POI was boring- I enjoyed her story and she came across as likable.

Also, I’m really enjoying Dr. Iris Campbell’s (Wrenn Schmidt) interactions with Reese. Ever since “Prophets” I was hoping she would be more than a one-shot character, and she’s definitely being set up as a larger factor. She has good chemistry with Reese in the few scenes they were in together. In the older days, I would have been worried she was HR, but with that threat eliminated, maybe it’s just time ol’ Reese got some new love? She’s also capable of seeing through his cover, so maybe that’s the turn it’ll take instead.

And now the meat of the story- Dominic’s Brotherhood. His connection with the person of the week gave a more important vibe to the case, and we got to see more into how his empire is run. He’s ruthless, smart, and focused on taking out Elias and his guardian angel “Officer Reilly.” His circle chart chat in the school finally sold himself to me as a true major villain. Will he turn out to be a larger threat than Samaritan for the team?

Chapman Lionel Point of Origin

Staring at Shaw’s newly discovered makeup.

Point of Interest:

1. Sweet scuba-certified Bear action!

2. We need more Fusco/Shaw time. They’re hilarious when they have to work together in close quarters.

3. “You wear makeup?!”

4. I get that Martine is supposed to be like Samaritan personified, but sometimes her Machine-like behavior just comes across as stiff acting. That said, her scene with Katya (from last episode) was pretty solid.

5. I love that they brought back Katya and Romeo during Martine’s investigation. It helps link the episodes together for us core fans…

Final Score

POI four bear





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