“The Devil You Know” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 9)

26 11 2014

POI banner

Tonight’s Person of Interest broke a lot of fan’s hearts (mine included) by instantly taking away all of the swag and BA-ness that was Scarface (David Valcin). The long time Number 2 and friend to Elias (Enrico Colantoni) has become something of a fan favorite- not bad for a recurring character who showed up just a few times per season. We didn’t even learn his real name, Anthony, until tonight- which turned out to be his going out with a bang night. POI has this odd talent for making us start to root for the bad guys, if only because they’re fighting much badder guys. Elias’ journey (and by extension, Scarface’s) has taken us from one of the biggest twist villains ever on the show to us rooting for him and his crew in “The Devil You Know.” He’s more complicated than most villains out there, and at this point we’re not even sure if he’s a protagonist or antagonist- more like a necessary evil who ends up doing good. Scarface was more a straight-forward, but likable character, but even he got a whole back-story during his last hour. I’ll miss the awesomeness of seeing him, Elias, and Reese (Jim Caviezel) together in a scene.

On the flip side, again, Root (Amy Acker) and Shaw’s (Sarah Shahi) scenes are my least favorite. I may be crazy, but their story seemed to come from the past year of the  POI (Samaritan, their usual forced moments together), while Reese and Elias’ main plot line could have come straight out of the best parts of seasons 1-2 (gang wars, Reese/Finch focus, Elias). I also loved the callback to Fusco’s doll, straight from Season 1. Don’t get me wrong, I like Root and Shaw, but what they’ve done with them has really changed the tone of the show and dynamic of the team. Their predictable giggle-wink moments feel more at home in a (light) fan-fic than a network show.

Finally, the mid-season finale is going to be on December 9. Is there a chance we’ll see somebody from the team get knocked off? I doubt it, as this week’s packed enough punch for the hardcore fans. The writers will probably keep Dominic (Winston Duke) in the shadows, saving this great villain for the second half. In the meantime, let’s see Team Machine take on some creepy Samaritan shadow operatives!

Enrico Colantoni

Walk into that sunset, Scarface.

Points of Interest:

1. Fusco with the camera was hilarious. I love that the prop has lasted this long. Also, way to hold his own with Martine.

2. Wanna take bets on how many seconds it will take before Shaw breaks out of the subway?

3. If Elias ever gets taken out, I’m not sure I could watch anymore.

4. Awesome locations tonight. Gotta love how this is all filmed in New York. It really helps sell the show.

5. Midseason finale incoming! Auugggh!


Final Score:

 POI four half bear




2 responses

26 11 2014

There is no POI next week. Have to wait until 16th December for “Cold War”. Waiting to see how team machine copes up with a gang of Terminators.

1 12 2014

Scarface’s real name has been known since season 2. It’s even mentioned in All In.

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