“If-Then-Else” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 11)

7 01 2015

POI banner

Holy cow, I just started breathing again. The Person of Interest writers either jumped the shark or set up one of the most epic trilogy conclusions ever. Don’t believe me? Check the Twitter-verse. However, I think the whole multiple simulations format was brilliant writing. The initial shock value when Fusco got hit, the “simplified simulation,” the running gag of the painting, and everything else was awesomely executed. And then…that ending.

Shaw and Root- the dragged out wink-wink relationship finally culminated in a kiss that blew up social media with positive and negative comments. And then Shaw sacrifices herself for everyone in a genuinely moving slow-motion finale. But then…that preview.

“The Search for Shaw”? What does that even mean? Did that last, dramatic gunshot mean nothing? Don’t get me wrong, I love Shaw’s character and hate to see her go, but wouldn’t a random act of mercy by Martine and a generic rescue by Root and Reese sort of take away from this killer ending? Everything led up to how a sacrifice was inevitable. This was the end of Shaw’s evolution- from sociopath to sacrificial hero. I never was a fan of their thing- I’m still not (ducks)- but Root’s humanity and pain suddenly returning to her in the elevator sent chills through me. Where would they go from a predicatable rescue- everyone goes “yay” and they share another sloppy kiss? Meh.

There’s simply too many good parts here to cover in a hurried review. Here’s hoping that the finale will be worthy of this trilogy.

shaw reese finch amy acker who dies


Points of Interest:

1. “Sadistic remark.” “Witty sign-off.” Haha oh the simplified simulation…

2. Favorite part? Gotta be Fusco kissing Root- because he’s in a simulation, why not?

3. I feel like shippers took control over this episode- only thing keeping this from a perfect 5 Bears.

4. Only Finch could make a game of chess so compelling. Awesome moments.

5. Next episode has some huge shoes to fill- will it measure up to “The Devil’s Share?”


Final Score:

POI four half bear




One response

7 01 2015

Seriously ? Ending the scene with two chicks kissing, just seem to make a joke out of the show, not to mention that Shaw could of lived thou all those bullet wounds, Hope they don’t turn a good show into a comedy.

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