“Control-Alt-Delete” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 12)

14 01 2015

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The Samaritan Trilogy did not end with Samaritan winning or losing, Shaw being found, or even a Johnny Cash song (see The Devil You Know). No, instead we got a fitting tribute to Shaw’s first appearance, when that episode randomly focused on her (then an unknown character) instead of our regular team. That was her intro, and now her farewell (for now or for good, not sure)  focused on Control (Camryn Manheim), with Team Machine out of sight until the second half. Did it work? Yes, yes it did. We saw her kid, her minivan, and her stressful job- only her work is taking out suspected terrorists with no questions asked. There wasn’t really the emotional weight I thought the show would go for over Shaw’s departure, but instead we got a memorable episode that moves the main story ahead while expertly pulling loose ends together.

We got a callback to the Nautilus episode from the beginning of this season, discovering that Claire wasn’t the only one who joined, and a good description of how the operation worked. Was Claire eliminated as well? I really hope not, because I’m still holding out for a reappearance of the former POI. Speaking of recurring character, how about Shaw’s old friend Grice (Nick E. Tarabay) showing up!? His fight with Reese was great, reminding me of a good ol’ Jason Bourne duel. I wonder when they’ll eventually team up…unless Grice is the Samaritan mole (but my money’s on his blonde partner).

The cage scene was obviously the best scene, flipping the earlier experience between Root and Control. Amy Acker showed us a darker side of Root, a side that’s somehow darker than her original psychotic (but cheerful) self. Finch and Control’s interactions were also spot on, and then of course you have Reese and Grice beat up each other a few feet away. All is well.

So where do we go from here? Control now has considerable reason to doubt Samaritan and plot how to destroy it, or at least all of its moles. Reese and Root will continue looking for Shaw, only to find out that she’s pregnant with twins. Or, more accurately, Sarah Shahi is pregnant, so obviously Shaw is out of the picture for a couple seasons. It’ll be interesting to see how the show writers explain her absence. As I said in the previous review, it needs to be done carefully or the emotional impact from last episode will be lost. Also, here’s hoping Root won’t be as brooding as Reese was after Carter (RIP).


ctrl-alt-del Amy Acker Season 4

Another trilogy, another wounded Reese.

Points of Interest:

1. Creepy Kid now wants to see the President. Couldn’t Samaritan just send a text? And where are this kid’s parents?

2. Finch wasting his whole tech speech on Fusco was priceless. “Were you talking to me?”

3. I want to see more of Reese/Root teamed up. They’re so opposite personally but equally awesome in butt-kickin’ abilities.

4. I wonder if anyone’s going to replace Shaw, or if the team will stick to four people again. My short list of possible candidates? Fan favorite Zoe (yay!), Claire from Nautilus (doubtful, but another female lead), or Grice (for his close connection with Shaw). Also maybe throw in the new police chief and Reese’s therapist (both of whom we haven’t seen for a few weeks), who are solid side characters that haven’t really been used as much as they should be.

5. The next chapter of this story won’t air until February 3rd…thanks CBS.


Final Score:

POI four half bear




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