“M.I.A.” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 13)

4 02 2015

POI banner

“Samaritown” would have been a great alternate title for this week’s Person of Interest. The pleasant town of Maple turned out to be a crazy “ant farm” for Samaritan to do a little sociology experimentation. Samaritan ruling through human puppets while manufacturing transponders/neural implants was interesting but a little underdeveloped. Reese and Root’s search for Shaw in Maple felt a little rushed with the details coming fast in the dialogues. They really could have let some of the developments breathe longer. Still, it was a cool idea, and I loved Reese and Root being a vindictive pair with a talent for dark humor. There were some kneecap shots, two kidnappings, and a giant shootout in a warehouse. What else could you expect from those two in 24 hours?

Back in New York, Finch got very little to do until the end, when he tried to reason Root into giving up on the cold trail for now. She didn’t seem impressed with the argument, to say nothing of her frustration with The Machine’s lack of concern. Is she really gone for a while, or will it be more like when Reese tried to leave but couldn’t?

There was a POI this week, and he was actually the perpetrator. It’s been a while for this show to have a perpetrator, so it was a welcome change-up. Even better was the reappearance of former POI Silva (played by Adria Arjona) from “Point of Origin“. She and Fusco made an entertaining duo, and it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll fill in for Shaw on Team Machine. I’d be all for that- I even noted in my review of her original episode that she reminded me of Shaw. Either way, I enjoyed her getting brought back.

Finally, Shaw’s truly alive and in her right state of mind (for now). However we know Sarah Shahi is pregnant with twins (notice we didn’t see below her chest), so she’ll be out of the picture for “a couple seasons.” Is she going to be turned through indoctrination (she had been sympathetic to Samaritan’s goal before), or will those neural implants actually turn her into a Martine-like agent for Greer? If that’s the case, will Samaritan still be around after one or two more seasons? That’s a long time to keep a storyline alive. Not to mention if the show gets cancelled before then, we’ll never get decent closure for poor Shaw. I like the guts they showed by revealing her fate, but ultimately it took away from the weight of her awesome swan song two episodes ago, and we know she’ll be gone for a couple of years. Now get ready for a million theories on how she’ll return to surface online.

Amy Acker Jim Caviezel Season 4 Shaw search

Fitting right in.


Points of Interest:

1. I like that they’ve been bringing back former POI’s more frequently. It helps even the standalone episodes feel more important. Again- bring back Claire from “Nautilus” in some way!

2. Speaking of returning POI’s, (minor spoiler from trailer) it looks like we’ll finally get to see Zoe next episode! While I can’t say for sure how long she’s been gone, I know she’s been out this whole season at least. Here’s hoping this isn’t an isolated appearance- her and Reese are always great together.

3. For those of us who have forgotten how psychotic Root was when we first met her, that whole drill scene was a good reminder of how there’s still some leftover crazy in her.

4. Shaw appearing with Greer in the final scene was heavily reminiscent of Kara Stanton’s first scene with him. Nice foreboding callback.

5. “When the bullets start firing, duck.” – classic Reese.

Final Score:

POI three half bear




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