“Guilty” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 14)

11 02 2015

POI banner

Tonight’s Person of Interest was an enjoyable throwback to the first season of the show. We had Finch, Reese, and Zoe (!) all focused on the week’s number in a largely procedural episode with a little bit of overarching plot development. I love what they’ve done with massive story lines like HR and Samaritan before, but this hour reminded us why we became fans of this show in the first place. Each scene with Finch and Reese mixed the drama with humor flawlessly, and this tight focus has always been the heart of POI. It started melancholy enough, with Finch reflecting that “It’s just us again,” but when we the audience knows that neither Shaw nor Root is dead, it was easy to just enjoy the break from so many characters. It’s great that these standalone episodes can still be strong contributions to the show.

Speaking of characters that haven’t had enough screen time, Zoe returned! Since Paige Turco is involved in other projects, it’s doubtful she’ll be back again for a while, but she’s a great side character that has been nicely developed in just the few episodes she’s appeared in (remember her first appearance as a POI?). Her appearance in this story made sense, since they needed her experience to outplay an unknown “fixer” who was disrupting a jury. Anyway, she has a natural chemistry with Jim Caviezel, and I always saw her as the Catwoman to his Batman- a sort of unpredictable ally. I figured the show was setting her up to be a potential love interest (maybe at the end of the series), but now with his therapist Iris (Wrenn Schmidt) in the picture, I’m not sure who to root for. I mean, when was the last time Reese was laughing?

Here’s hoping Fusco will finally be let in on the secret of The Machine. He’s still one of my favorite characters, and it was good to see him stand up for himself. Honestly, his life’s already been on the line enough times- couldn’t they tell him why? If anything it would help him take more precautions.

Guilty Season 4 POI

Out-Fixing the Fixer 101

Points of Interest:

1. “Give ’em hell, Harry!” “Don’t call me that Mr. Reese.”

2. “Zoe’s not exactly what you’d call innocent.”

3. Elias vs. Dominic got some behind-the-scenes development. Are we due for more of that war soon?!

4. Reese appeared almost instantaneously back at the hotel, didn’t he? I’m sure they allowed the proper time, but it wasn’t communicated that clearly.

5. Finch’s tactic to get out of jury duty by literally telling the court about an all-powerful AI controlling the government was the greatest meta-joke this show has had so far. Telling the truth to intentionally sound crazy was a hilarious decision.

Final Score: POI four half bear




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