“Q & A” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 15)

18 02 2015

POI banner

Remember “Nautilus”? That crazy cryptography game that Samaritan used to recruit hackers at the beginning of this season? That was one of the more memorable concepts for me (especially since some organization have used that tactic in the real world), but then they didn’t mention it again for a few months. Also Claire, the POI who was lured into joining Samaritan, seemed like she might return, but it looked like that thread would never be picked up again.   Well, Claire was back in “Q & A.” I admit, I really didn’t see her plight as an act, partly because she’s a character you want to root for, and the show had hinted that she would be put in danger by Samaritan eventually. So it wasn’t surprising to see her supposed disillusionment. Also, her scenes with Finch were great, and even more so when we (and Finch) started to second-guess her intentions. The gradual shift reminded me of classic Person of Interest episodes where the POI reveal was genuinely engrossing, and the mortuary setting gave a nice vibe. It was interesting to see how the former victim POI had become the perpetrator. It’s too bad, since I had been hoping she would maybe join the team in the future- I mean somebody’s gotta replace Shaw while she’s out, right?

The actual person of the week stood out enough as her own character (tech geek by day, MMA fighter by night), but the twist at the end sort of fell flat for me. Really, playing with suicidal people’s emotions would boost ad revenue THAT much? Enough to get people killed? It was just a little too trope-ish with the greedy corporate guy. I’d also like to know what he intended to do after he kidnapped/killed not only his CEO but an employee and a NYC detective.

Besides that, it was an entertaining hour that blended the procedural number with the serial mythology quite adeptly. It’s a little weird for us to know Shaw is alive for so long while Team Machine thinks she’s dead, but maybe Root did a little digging on her almost two weeks off. She mentioned that things had changed- I’m assuming for the worst. Although honestly, I’m not sure how things can get worse for Finch and company, as they’ve lost ground every time they gain it against Samaritan. I guess we’ll see next week- until then, I’m going to be playing my copy of Full Metal Hellcat 4.


Jim Caviezel Q&A Claire

Meanwhile, at the spelling bee…


Points of Interest:

1. Reese explaining away questions- “I thought you were a cop.” “I am, but this is more paperwork than I want to deal with.” Hah.

2. I was afraid that little creepy Samaritan kid was going to be in that charter school. I’m kind of over that character, and was actually relieved when it was only guys with guns.

3. Fusco: “Right hook, left hook!” “Nice, but your cross could use a little work.” “Well pick him up and I’ll have another go.”

4. Most of Twitter (and I) was predicting Root would show up and save Finch, but it was a cool moment since Root and Claire finally met. They’re two girl hackers on different sides of the AI coin.

5. I hope they do a little more with Claire- she’s an interesting character, and it helps expand the show’s universe when former POI’s can show up at any time.

Final Score:

POI four bear




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