“Blunt” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 16)

25 02 2015

POI banner

“Blunt” was a perfect name for this episode. The POI is connected with medical marijuana, Dominic returns and deals bluntly with everyone, and Reese hit everyone with blunt objects. Our main story felt like a classic, fleshed-out number of the week, and her story also benefited from being directly connected to Dominic, who’s been out of the spotlight lately. Person of Interest is in its element when the seedy gang wars are in play, and honestly I’ve been missing the Dominic vs. Elias plot line in the midst of all the Samaritan battlin’. That said, we still got some advancement on the machine war with Root’s new recruitment drive (more on that bombshell later).

This hour had POI at the top of its game by showing how effortlessly the writers can bring the best of procedural and serialized television together. The POI was likable, independent and untrustworthy, but we never may see “Harper” again. She was however instrumental with advancing Dominic’s rise to power and his heightened obsession with “Detective Reiley.” Their scene at the cafe pulled off a tense cat-and-mouse feeling (and was apparently inspired by a similar scene in the movie Heat). Dominic keeps branching out with new ways to make money and gain influence, so it will be interesting to see how Elias will respond. And Reese? Well, he was just BA this entire episode. Brawling in a club, daring Dominic to test him- all classic Reese moments that have been comparatively absent lately.

The real golden moment for longtime fans came at the end when Root brings her app to none other than Caleb Phipps from the stellar episode “2 Pi R” (see my rave review from Season 2 here). Again, this was only a payoff/shock for people that remember random details about an episode two seasons ago, but I feel like that one has become a fan favorite. I’ve heard a couple people say that the character seemed like he could become an asset sometime in the future, but to see the writers actually follow up on such a vague thread? Awesome direction. I wonder if he’s working for Samaritan, or if he’s about to unknowingly jump on the Team Machine train.


Jim Caviezel Season 4 Kevin Chapman

Weeding out the bad guys.

Points of Interest:

1. When Reese goes “clubbing,” he uses a champagne bottle. And there’s not much dancing.

2. Lionel has the best nicknames for the team. “What’s your pal Mr. Peabody doing?”

3. Will we get to see any more past POI’s show up? How many people is Root recruiting?

4. How DOES Finch know so much about medical marijuana? Well, he does have a chronic neck pain going on…

5. John Reese. The closest we’ll ever get to Batman on a television show (sorry Gotham).


Final Score:

POI four half bear



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