“Skip” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 18)

25 03 2015

POI banner

Holy plot development, POI! At first glance, it didn’t seem like this week’s Person of Interest would be more than a number of the week starring Katheryn Winnick (Vikings) as Frankie the bounty hunter. However, during the hour we also got developments for side characters Harper, Iris, and Beth. All this plus some great moments between Root and Finch made for an effective mix of procedural and serialized television.

First off, Frankie Wells was one of my favorite POI’s lately. I wouldn’t mind her returning in some capacity later, as she had good chemistry with Fusco and Reese and also could handle a fight scene (turns out Winnick is a black belt in the real world). The fact that former POI Harper (or Athena, etc.) was entangled with Frankie’s target only sweetened the deal. She may be the only person who’s successfully talked herself out of a firefight like that on the show.

Speaking of which, are the show runners intentionally running us through a parade of potential Shaw replacements? At least three person of the weeks could be candidates for the no-nonsense female BA position: Floyd (Jessica Pimentel) the rookie detective, Harper the con artist, and now Frankie the bounty hunter. Coincidence? I think not.Yes, I know Shaw’s not technically dead, but according to her own interviews she will be on the shelf for at least another season due to her new set of twins.  Maybe we’ll get to vote our pick by the season finale, American Idol style…

Rirus shippers rejoiced as the couple became official. What do you think? It’s obviously too early in the series for Reese to finally find love (and happiness), so something’s gotta give. Is she a Samaritan plant? That seems unlikely, as Samaritan would probably instantly try to kill Reese if it thought he was a threat. Is she part of some other group, or is she destined to take a bullet like every other love interest he’s had (RIP Carter)? From a writing standpoint, there’s no real reason to have him lose another person, since Shaw’s “death” is more than enough motivation to take on Samaritan. Personally, there’s a little part of me that would love to see him catch a break for once.

Finally, how about Root and Finch’s surprisingly endearing friendship? Amy Acker and Michael Emerson killed their scenes together (as usual), especially after they took a darker turn. I hope Root doesn’t lose her dark side completely though. She’s much more fun when she’s still a little bonkers. At least she was nice and only ruined Finch and Beth’s budding relationship- you know, instead of killing her. So, happy ending? It is until you see Harold carrying unwanted flowers away like he just lost his prom date.


Katheryn Winnick POI Jim Caviezel

Only certain people can get away with disrespecting Reese’s desk…

Points of Interest:

1. Fusco’s crush on Frankie was hilarious to watch. I’m not sure if it was her looks, her handling of Reese, or both.

2. After Harper’s “deal,” I’d like to see her and Zoe have an episode together. Fixer and deal-maker.

3. There’s a week break before the next episode. Isn’t network scheduling the best?

4. Is Samaritan finally going to be beaten this season finale? The war is heating up, but what villain next season could possibly follow this evil Machine’s threat level?

5. I wonder if the Beth storyline is wrapped up. If so, bummer for Finch, right? Months of planning AND he’s stuck singing “All By Myself” yet again…


Final Score:

POI four half bear




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