“Conquer” – The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Review

30 03 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5

Open the trailer, Aaron said. It’ll be great, he said.

This season’s finale could be summarized by Daryl and Aaron’s food trailer scene- lots of zombies, high tension, and somehow the main characters made it out alive. That’s not a critique- people be dyin’ left and right this past season, and I was afraid Glenn or Carol were going to get killed off. So, it was a relief at the end when only Kindly Architect Husband and Pete, the World’s Sloppiest Surgeon, had bit the dust. Plus, there were some great character moments/twists scattered throughout, including phantom Morgan finally reappearing.

Morgan finale

Life is precious…to my bow staff!

Speaking of Morgan, apparently he became a Ninja Turtle on his off time. He took out the two Wolves and then the zombies with his bow staff like a pro, but was anyone else a little disappointed at how dumb those two Wolves were? I mean, how in the world could that guy set up such an elaborate trap with the food trailers? Obviously these guys can’t be the ringleader. Could it be someone from the comics, or is this a purely new creation for the show? Anyway, kind of an awkward reunion for “all life is precious” Morgan and bloody Rick while he executes Pete.

*Cue awkward music

Rick, in his one scene not covered in red.

It was a bit of a drag that it took Rick the whole episode to figure out, hey, maybe Michonne’s right. Maybe I shouldn’t just kill people and take over the town- maybe try talking without blood all over my face (strike two on that). Honestly, if Pete hadn’t stumbled in and messily killed the town’s only Mr. Rogers in front of everyone, I’m not sure if Deanna would have let Rick stay. Even when he brought in the zombie, she could still live in denial. I hate that he died, but honestly it was obvious from his first scene that he had a countdown timer over his head. I guess the Alexandria Architect School is now officially closed.

Carol remains one of my favorites. I don’t see how you can watch a scene like the one where she taunted Pete at knife point and not love her. She’s a survivor, a cutthroat (hah!), and oddly likable, whether she’s terrifying a nosy kid or baking a wholesome casserole. As I said earlier, I was afraid she would get the ax, mostly because she’s been getting a lot of screen time and she was to appear on The Talking Dead later.But hey, she made it!

The Walking Dead finale

Let’s open more random trailers!

Elsewhere, Glenn has become the luckiest zombie killer alive, although I still question his judgement with Nicolas. Sasha’s…a little out there now. She does know there’s mattresses back at her house, right? Gross. Father Gabriel somehow lived to cower another day (although he finally killed a zombie), and Eugene finally apologized to Abraham for the whole lying thing (but he still hasn’t apologized for the mullet).

I guess we’re set up for next season now. The Wolves made an underwhelming debut, Morgan joined the team, and Deanna may go a little crazy. Oh, and the Wolves definitely know about Alexandria now. And Carol will probably perfect her cookie recipe. Happy waiting, everyone!





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