“Search & Destroy” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 19)

8 04 2015

POI banner

“A CEO’s Worst Day Ever” would have been an appropriate title for this week’s Person of Interest. Seriously, imagine what the president of Sony went through with losing millions on a cancelled movie release and security breach, and then add a few more layers of suck. At least they didn’t lose (SPOILERS) their marriage, house, and ultimately life. Yep, “Search & Destroy” turned out to be a prophetic name for this hour, as Samaritan hunted Khan (Aasif Mandvi), a CEO of a security company for asking the wrong questions. First though, the AI systematically ruins his life in front of the whole world through leaks and hacking. Don’t worry though, Team Machine is on the job- no wait he ran off at the end and got himself killed by Greer. Finch and Reese haven’t caught a break lately, have they?

A lot of pieces were set in motion over the hour. Martine reappeared for the first time after (not really) taking out Shaw. Old Man Greer decides now’s as good a time as any to sick his crazy chick on the Machine’s crazier chick (more on that below), and Zoe Morgan (!) returned to the team after getting hired for damage control on Khan’s company. Not to repeat myself too much from earlier reviews, but gosh it’s fun to watch her and Reese interact inside their odd relationship. Their quick exchange about his new obsession with red-headed therapists was entertaining yet darkly foreboding. “You know these things end, John.” Are we being set up for another betrayal/death/both? Even Batman Reese can only take so much drama.

Easily my favorite part of the episode was what I’d like to call the family dinner scene. Finch, Root, Reese making awkward conversation while eating Chinese takeout with an unconscious POI was gold, not to mention their bored facial expressions to his terrified panic. It was a fun scene in a mostly serious hour.

The Root vs. Martine fight was an unexpected treat even if it didn’t come close to the coolness of their hotel lobby shootout. It was a little convenient for them both to be out of bullets, but it gave them a chance to fight without their AI’s aiming for them. The choreography worked well, yet I feel as if they could have gone a bit grittier and darker since it was a more intimate fight. I mean, Root was totally choking Martine to death. There should have been more emotion there.

All around, this was a solid Person of Interest episode that focused on an interesting number while advancing the Samaritan plot towards the finale. Samaritan actually on the path to discover The Machine’s location effectively raised the stakes, and don’t forget about the bio-chips storyline being picked up again. Will we see all Samaritan operatives linked up to the AI like robots? Will Shaw return a season (or two if you believe interviews) later as a completely brainwashed Samaritan asset?

Amy Acker Jim Caviezel POI

Just don’t hit any bumps, or it’ll go all ruh-roh.

Points of Interest:

1. “I didn’t know this was Zoe Morgan bad.” – I like how they already knew about her.

2. “Shotgun.” – A terrible pun that somehow sounded BA.

3. Favorite quote- “Wanna blow his mind and tell him there’s two AI’s?!” – Root

4. I think it’s safe to say the Dominic vs. Elias war will transfer over to season 5. That’s probably a good thing, since there’s a good bit of ground to cover still with Samaritan if we’re going to get any sort of resolution.

5. How about that preview? What the crap is going on with Carter’s supposedly resolved murder case? Who is Reese meeting? Would Taraji P. Henson appear as Carter in a flashback, or is this the season’s biggest twist yet?

Final Score:

POI four bear




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