“Asylum” – Person of Interest Review (Season 4, Episode 21)

29 04 2015

POI bannerWhat happens when you take all the story arcs of this Person of Interest season and put them into one episode? Well, you get part 1 of the season 4 finale, “Asylum.” All the crap finally hit the fan tonight, and there’s a ton of material to go over- including the most “oh, snap!” moment from Root so far (haha!).

From the beginning it was obvious this was going to be a crazy ride. Control (always played perfectly by Camryn Manheim) has started her own aggressive investigation into Samaritan’s moles inside the government. She kidnaps a school teacher, and after redecorating the wall with another mole in front of her, starts asking questions. Even though it wasn’t revealed until the end that she was indeed a mole, I was pretty sure that Control doesn’t get people wrong. Next week’s episode was partly set up here with the reveal of a “correction” day (May 6th, the day after the finale), to be carried out by Samaritan. After her prisoner starts getting sassy, Control decides nobody’s got time for that and adds another body to her room. She’s sort of on Team Machine’s side at this point (they did tip her off to Samaritan), but she’s clearly not a “good” character yet. I’d say her chances of dying in the finale are substantial.

The next plot line played out what could be the finale of the Elias vs. Dominic war when both their numbers come up. Reese and Fusco come to “help” Elias (Enrico Colantoni)  by arresting him and getting him out of Dominic’s (Winston Duke) crosshairs but instead get captured and tortured by Dominic and his Brotherhood. Yeah, definitely cringed at that screwdriver part. By far the best part of this sequence had to be when Elias fools Dominic into shooting his own best friend/right hand man because he thinks his Number 2 is a mole. And then, he cheerily reveals that no, there was never a mole, and how does he feel now that he’s also killed his best friend too? Twisted, dark, and one more reason why I love Elias.

Finally, why not throw in a search for Shaw in with Root and Harold at an asylum? It obviously was going to be a trap, but did anyone predict that it would actually lead them to Team Samaritan’s control room? The bombs then started to drop. Shaw had told Greer all about them. Greer and Martine planned to somehow access the Machine by slicing Root’s head open. Root decides she’d rather snap Martine’s neck instead. Good gosh, get a light, because it’s getting dark in here! Root’s killed before, but seeing her do that so quickly after so many encounters was a shock- a good one, because lady Terminator needed to go. And then Samaritan gets interrupted by the freakin’ Machine, and suddenly we have one AI offering itself to another in exchange for Root and Finch’s lives. I love how the camera kept switching perspectives between the two AI’s.

Next week is the season finale, and Nolan has promised us even more deaths. Besides Zoe, basically every main character on the show appeared- Dominic, Harper, Elias, Greer, Martine, and Control all have equal chances of dying. I admit, I’d be really bummed if Elias got kicked, because his arc and character have brought some of the best moments of POI. Heck, I got choked up when his buddy Scarface was blown away. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what happens, because it looks like both the gang war and the Samaritan war are coming to a climax. Could they really tie up both stories in one hour? And if so, what’s next? Either way, this was Person of Interest writing at its finest.

Root Finch Season 4

Definitely more hipster then homeless.

Points of Interest:

1. “They stole your spaceman!” Awesome moment with Harold.

2. “Looks like somebody shot your shoulder.” “Yeah, they’re dead now.” – Reese being a BA.

3. Does it make me a bad fan that I really don’t care about the Shaw storyline? In my opinion the show has had more focus without her…(braces for incoming hate).

4. Nice foreshadowing with Root’s game of chicken with The Machine, as Samaritan ultimately does the same thing.

5. I’m ready for the Samaritan story to either end or dramatically shift, but it’ll be a shame if the gang war finishes. It’s been too much fun watching Elias and Dominic try to out-think the other.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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