“B.S.O.D”- Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episode 1)

4 05 2016

POI banner

Now that is how you kick off a final season. Endless action, pulsing music, faces from the past and one long chase with Samaritan spooks in suits. Picking up almost right after last year’s finale (how did they get past that last group of operatives?), we got one of the best openings of the show (besides that Johnny Cash one). Reese taking out assassins while protecting their Machine-in-a-Briefcase. Root being BA. Harold donning a crazy hat. All this was happening in a world fully controlled by an AI who can activate assets anywhere, anytime.

I want to highlight how great Root’s subway car scene was, because it was there that we really saw how powerful Samaritan had become. It was downright creepy to see how it could alert and turn security guards and regular citizens against targets, never mind ordinary agents. Then, she pulls a Batman and steals a shotgun from the officer, because of course she does.

Person of Interest final season premiere

Buckle up!

My favorite part of the show was how it brought back familiar faces in Harold’s flashbacks. How long has it been since we saw Nathan Ingram or Grace? This show always has handled flashbacks well, showing both great character moments and still tying in to the episode’s theme. Here, we got to see just how close The Machine and Harold were at the beginning, before he erased its memories. Of course, we know that eventually it found a way to reboot those memories each day manually (that’s a whole other story in a different season), but just imagine what it could have been without those restrictions. What will it look like this season, with Harold inevitably rebuilding it without those? Obviously, Michael Emerson nailed the emotion here with his conflict and instant regret, as this could have come across as a silly scene without his presence.

We didn’t see Greer, Control (if she’s still alive), or Shaw, but that’s just as well. We needed to see just how serious a threat Samaritan has become, and too many other story lines would have gotten in the way. We did get to see good character moments with Fusco’s inner conflict, and I really enjoyed seeing Reese and Root actually caring about the others safety, since in the past they’ve been less than cordial.

Overall, the show successfully got us back in the war, and set up an exciting new season. I would have liked to see how they got out of that near-hopeless firefight from last season, but I suppose I can deal with it, thanks to everything else that was great in this hour. At this rate, it’s going to be a short, sweet final season.

Points of Interest:

  • How long before Fusco gets in real trouble? It’s about time to at least warn him. They’re past protecting him from the truth.
  • Dang, so Elias is really dead. I was holding out hope, since it didn’t seem to hit any vitals. Gonna miss you, you crazy kingpin. You deserved a bigger sendoff.
  • If this is how they kick off the season, I can’t imagine how they’re gonna end it.
  • Check out POI Writer’s Twitter account- they’ve got awesome real life examples of things in the show, such as the nitrogen in NY, the forgotten subway station, and the Pentagon actually building a supercomputer with game consoles.

Final Score:

POI four bear





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