“Truth Be Told”- Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episode 3)

12 05 2016

POI banner

The final season of Person of Interest continues with one more look into Reese’s dark CIA days, but this time it’s with a little magic from Keith David, master of the cool voice. His guest role as Terrance Beale, Reese’s old boss’ boss, was menacing but layered, and makes me wish they had offered him the role seasons ago as a recurring character. The ending did leave them on surprisingly cordial terms, so perhaps he might return before the end?

Obviously there was some retconning here- we’ve never heard Beale’s name before, but honestly I didn’t care. Any new stories from Reese’s past are fine with me. I also loved how we got some more Kara Stanton (Annie Parisse) bits. They may have blown up a great character in season 3, but she’s definitely gotten an abundance of mileage out of flashbacks, and honestly it helps add to her mystique- always in the past, deceased in the present.

Technically Root and Shaw’s malware discovery was the only real advance in the war against Samaritan this hour, unless we see David Keith return in some way. I didn’t get a screen shot of of The Machine’s cryptic poem, so I’m not sure what to really make of it. Does it really have to do with wanting Samaritan’s malware code? Will we be seeing it adapt to be more like Samaritan? Will it combine with Samaritan? Will we hopefully never see that awful Samaritan kid again?!


Reese, doing Reese things.

Main reason I enjoyed this episode? I like Reese. He’s always been a reliable character, played expertly by Jim Caviezel, and he just didn’t get as much love in season 4 with Root and other characters becoming more prominent. So this increased focus on him has been great- the more knee shots, hushed voice, and tortured soul, the better. Obviously Shaw will get her moment, but for the first few episodes, it’s been a nice return to original form.

Points of Interest:

  • Just saying, Root definitely puts more enthusiasm into her cover jobs than Reese does. She’s been a bear, bride,  and delivery person, yet somehow Reese always gets away with a suit.
  • I guess you could call this a lighter episode with the overall story, but I’m fine with a classic number episode with character backstory. This was the foundation that built this POI house.
  • Not to be that guy, but anyone have any guesses on who will actually make it through this season alive? I’m going with Reese, Root, and Fusco. And Bear. Obviously Bear.


Final Score:

POI four bear




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