“6,741”- Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episode 4)

17 05 2016

POI banner

An alternative title for this episode could have been “Fan Service For All You Shippers,” so hopefully you all are happy with Root and Shaw’s scene. As someone who never watched this show for the relationships (besides the tragic ones), I mostly just waited for the cheesy one-liners and awkwardness to end. Why awkward?

Person Of Interest has always distanced itself from other shows by not getting mucked up in random network sex scenes, so for some it was weird to see (help me if I’m forgetting) the first sex scene between main characters on the show. It screamed fan service, and honestly it fell flat for me.

Now before I offend people who love the couple, let me offend everyone else by saying the episode overall felt like a different show. It was darker (suicide, execution), more violent, erotic (according to Michael Emerson’s Twitter, hah!), and had glaring plot holes/reality jumps. Shaw initiating and being googly eyed about the relationship? All we had was a grudging farewell kiss. Tumbling around hours after getting head surgery in a subway? Yeah, not buying that. Lame lines delivered by the normally fascinating Root? Disappointing. BUT…


Shaw, please don’t shoot the real us.

…It was all a dream! Honestly, this was a relief more for the above reasons then the death of Shaw, Greer, and maybe Reese. All of a sudden, it made sense. The off-kilter episode was intentionally so- even the intro was missing- to reflect the skewed reality, created by Samaritan. This boosted the past hour for me, but ultimately was not enough to give it flying colors.

Yes, it’s good to see Shaw again. And of course, the action scenes were great, and Root’s face when Shaw shoots herself brought massive feels. However, “it was all a dream” endings lost their punch for me after seeing them for the fourth or fifth time in a show/movie/book, and this was rather telegraphed, unless you think they could continue the next 9 episodes without Reese, Greer or Shaw. The good thing is, if you liked this episode, great, but if you didn’t enjoy this one, pretend it never happened. Because it didn’t, really, not even 6,742 times.

Points of Interest:

  • Where’s the Fusconator?! So much hate.
  • This did interest me into how the actual Shaw reunion will go. Obviously, it will be different, but in what ways?
  • The rest of this final season will probably affect my view of this episode, but for now, I’m tired and grumpy.


Final Score:

POI two half bear



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