“ShotSeeker”- Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episode 6)

20 05 2016

POI banner

After last week’s roller coaster Shaw-centric episode, “ShotSeeker” was a return to form for Person of Interest, as we got a number of the week, computer battles, and a twist that was my favorite development so far this season. Spoilers, ye be warned.

First, the number’s profession (using technology to detect gunshots in the city) was highly appropriate for the show. In a way, this was the human version of The Machine. They listened with sensors and microphones throughout the city, looking for crime in ways normal cops on patrol couldn’t. The guy himself probably won’t be in the Hall of Fame for Most Interesting Numbers, but at least he was trying to do the right thing by investigating an obvious error in reporting a (probable) murder.

My main criticism of this hour was how long it took Team Machine to catch on to Samaritan’s presence here. Honestly, there were so any digital red flags that surely Root or Finch might have at least thought of the possibility, considering their whole lives lately have been focused on fighting Samaritan’s influence. Between guessing this twist and the whole simulation twist last week’s, the writers have dropped the “surprise” ball lately. It also doesn’t help that CBS constantly spoils surprises and announces upcoming twists, all through their marketing. So, thanks for that.

BUT. ELIAS IS BACK, HOW ABOUT THAT JUNK?! Not only is he alive, but he’s been hidden by Finch and Reese and Fusco this whole time, making my wildest hopes for my favorite character’s return come true. Elias has been around since like episode 3- he’s the biggest side character this show has got, not to mention the first heavyweight villain they faced.  Enrico Colantoni‘s  character has gone from nemesis, to frenemy, to ally, to dependent, giving Root a run for her money on the development side. Whether he’s offing other crime heads or making pasta, Enrico also nails the presentation of everyone’s favorite mob boss. I expected he might return from the shadows, given the position of his shot, but did not expect Fusco and company to be the ones to cover it up.

Speaking of Fusco, this was definitely a high point for him. His speech to the other officers about finding Reese was soaked in loyalty and emotion, and he nailed it. It’s past time for him to learn what really is going on, but hey, at least Reese finally thanked him! The Fusconator definitely earned that much respect.


I’ll have the “Man in the Suit” style cut.

Points of Interest:

  • What role will Elias play in the last few episodes? Somehow, he has to contribute to taking down Samaritan I’m assuming, because why else bring him back (besides him being an awesome part of the show?)
  • If Fusco gets killed off, I’ll be depressed. If Fusco meets his end before finding out what he’s been helping do this whole time, I’ll be pissed.
  • Anyone still loving the ominous Finch/Greer opening titles? Some shows don’t contribute this level of effort. Dang, last season.


Final Score:

POI four bear





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