“A More Perfect Union”/”QSO”/”Reassortment”- Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episodes 6,7,8)

26 05 2016

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Three episodes of Person of Interest in 24 hours is a bit much for one tired individual to review separately, so this week I’m giving a Super Combo Special of all three, bundled in one post!

“A More Perfect Union” had Reese, Finch, and Root helping out an unlikable bride and her filthy rich, unlikable family of horse owners. Mostly, this hour played for laughs, with lots of one-liners (that sometimes fell flat), crazy Root moments (which are fun to watch, because Amy Acker), and “stripper police,” which was only funny because of how uncomfortable Reese was the entire time. And dear gosh, Finch’s song. I don’t know whose idea it was to have Finch sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” in an Irish accent awkwardly in front of everyone at a posh wedding, but I want to shake their hand and thank them for possibly the funniest Finch moment.

On the other side of the silliness, Fusco tried to track down the unknown threat with Bruce’s help. Unfortunately, all this added on a very dark note when he found ALL of his missing persons dead in a pile in the basement of a condemned building, and he almost died in the explosions himself. This was very different in tone from the wedding main story, and goes to show how bipolar these writers can be (but that’s not a bad thing). So long, Krupa and Bruce, we hardly knew you. Oh, did we mention that Shaw finally met the creepy (and sort of cheesy) Samaritan kid Gabriel in another simulation. ‘Cuz that happened too. She should have drop kicked him off that tower.


Final Score:

POI four bear

Next, “QSO” mostly served as a spotlight episode for Root, showing her continuing attempts to find Shaw, as well as another zany set of new identities including ballerina (“Marry me!”), historical actor, to producer for a conspiracy radio talk show host Max (AKA Scott Adsit from 30 Rock). Once the cutesy identity changing was over, things went south quickly for those involved. Seeing Samaritan fake a suicide call (on air!) to the radio station, using someone Max knew, when the “caller” was actually already murdered, was maybe the creepiest thing we’ve seen Samaritan do. You could feel Max’s terror and desperation when he heard his own “voice” encouraging an innocent to kill themselves on live radio. Chilling stuff to think about. Ultimately, he gave up his safety trying to tell the truth about Samaritan’s code on his show, but sadly this proved to be a pointless attempt as his own secretary killed him on his own show. Oh, and Fusco spent the majority of the time in the hospital recovering, only to (justly) get upset with Finch for not sharing secrets and quit Team Machine. Dark episode, great drama.

It wasn’t all Debbie Downers, though. Max’s face when Reese rescued him was priceless, so shocked that everything he crazily believed in was true. Also, Shaw may have gotten duped into killing a scientist in a fake simulation (a realimation?, but she did manage to hear Root’s message before she killed herself.


That moment when you wish those theories weren’t actually true.

Final Score:

POI four half bear


And last but not least, all virus hell broke loose in a hospital from an infected number in “Reassortment.” For being a potentially devastating virus, and a jerk Samaritan mole destroying the local vaccines, there actually was not that much fallout here. New Samaritan recruit Jeff Blackwell (remember him, painting?) made a welcome appearance, and may have tried to kill people for his own protection, but seems to be having second thoughts. Since he’s been getting so much focus lately, I’m hoping he’ll be part of the way they take on Samaritan later.

Shaw’s side story was more interesting, as she finally breaks out of her prison- for real this time! I appreciated the Total Recall throwback in the final Lambert/Shaw confrontation. He made a valiant effort to convince her she was in another simulation, but unfortunately she decided to open her can of whoop-ass on him, anyway. RIP Lambert, you jerk British Samaritan agent, you.


Fighting disease, the Dr. Reese way.

Final Score:

POI four bear


  • Really only the first episode seemed like a number of the week- the second and third definitely tied more into the big picture. Hopefully they’ll get more and more focused on the endgame, as there are only FIVE EPISODES left, ever.
  • Fusco’s story through these three episodes was great. I really thought Finch or Reese would finally tell him the truth about the AI war, but they didn’t. And he finally got tired of the supposed disrespect and lack of trust (I’m kind of on his side here), and quit Team Machine. He even threw away his police officer bobble head with the camera inside. THE FEELS. That thing’s been around since season 1! Get it out of the trash can, now!! I’m sure he’ll be back (thanks, trailer), but really somebody tell this guy what’s going on- we’re past protecting him with ignorance.
  • Shaw also had a fantastic plot line throughout these three- Samaritan cleverly trying to woo her to their side, her almost giving up but hearing Root’s message, and finally her taking control and escaping. I would like to see how she possible put that sink perfectly back on the wall, though. The South Africa twist caught me by surprise, but that’s obviously not going to keep her away from New York City for long.








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