“Sotto Voce” – Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episode 9)

31 05 2016

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Did CBS mix up episodes, and give us the series finale of Person of Interest? The return and downfall of a long-forgotten nemesis, Fusco finding out everything, Shaw returning, Elias being a BA  character again, and the final shot of our group, finally back together again, at the place where Finch and Reese began it all on the pilot episode (the feels!). It would have been the finale of any other network show, but POI doesn’t play by those rules. We still have four episodes left, and I would be shocked if we have that same number of Team Machine people left by the end.

This began like a normal number-of-the-week episode, to my initial disappointment. It’s the last five episodes, and we gotta crank it up past the procedural parts. And that’s when we find out the writers brought back “The Voice,” a villain from waaay back in Season 3. At the time, most people thought he was going to be the newest addition to the show’s rogue gallery, but he never showed up again in any way. I appreciate the writers picking up this hanging thread for a massive payoff hour- everything in the second of the episode was outstanding television. The crazy firefight, tearing the precinct apart. The huge (and clever) reveal of the villain, and the even more unexpected fireball that ended it all, compliments of Elias. It was immensely satisfying.

I appreciated how everyone’s gut instinct this time was Samaritan, since not thinking of that possibility automatically was a small criticism I had on an earlier episode. And then, the show flipped those expectations by not even having Samaritan involved at all. That’s not to say there wasn’t any forward movement with Samaritan- Shaw actually did escape, and is taking out operatives one by one. She’s still understandably confused. There were some nice callbacks to her simulation episode, and I am relieved that (so far)  Root and Shaw’s real reunion has traded over the top nonsense for actual character moments.

Speaking of character moments, I was seriously afraid for both Fusco and Elias this time. We’ve been promised major deaths before everything’s over, and the show runners haven’t been afraid to break hearts before. Instead, we got the best partner moments Reese and Fusco have had, with an all-out war on their own turf, and Reese finally trusting him enough to bring him in on the truth. Elias also was in top form, showing the power he can still weld, only this time working side by side with Finch. All in all, everyone’s stories worked well, bringing everyone back together for final ride.


The Voice seems to have his own singing contest, too!

Points of Interest:

  • Fusco’s finally in, guys! Only took ’em five seasons to trust the guy, but it was one heck of a payoff.
  • I’d watch a spinoff show, just starring Finch and Elias. Or Elias and Reese. Or Elias and anybody on the show. I’d also watch a Fusco show, in the style of Columbo.
  • Can we appreciate how this show cares enough that we went back to that bridge location from the pilot? It was a mix of nostalgia and a display of how much this show has evolved from that moment.
  • Four episodes left.

Final Score:

POI five bear




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