“Synecdoche” – Person of Interest Review (Season 5, Episode 11)

8 06 2016

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I’ve said it before, but one thing that makes Person of Interest stand out for me is how connected the series feels, thanks to the writers. Take tonight’s episode “Synecdoche” for example, with three former POI’s- Harper Rose, Joey Durban, and Logan Pierce- returning out of nowhere, in a way that makes sense with their backstory, and advances the fight with Samaritan. Harper of course appeared throughout season 4, Logan made a memorable number I believe in season 3, and Joey was the show’s third number, way back in episode 3. And now, they’re apparently their own Team Machine- a billionaire CEO, con artist, and muscle. That’s an insane amount of drawing loose stories together, and kudos to the show runners for helping make even standalone stories feel important.

Their purpose in the episode- to plan out Reese, Fusco, and Shaw’s escape route- was definitely needed, since I and probably everyone else was wondering how they should shoot at the President in DC and get away by themselves. It took The Machine coordinating everything, or this would officially have become The Harold Finch Show. The stakes were high with the President being the number, even if we never met him (thank goodness he didn’t resemble our current candidates).

So, this might not have felt very connected to the fight against Samaritan, but it was a super important job, and we still learned several things. There are other groups who are fighting (using questionable methods) against Samaritan, or at least surveillance. Samaritan no longer considers anyone to be “relevant,” since it didn’t alert anyone about the assassination attempt.

Meanwhile, we caught up with a rogue Harold, and though we got a little more Scary Harold (how about him threatening that guy with a donor?), he was mostly more low-key then I expected after the boiling over moment last episode. Mostly, the destruction caused by The Machine was off camera, and we focused more on Finch’s exchanges with Root-Machine, and the hour was better for that. It’s haunting to hear Root’s voice and mannerisms again, knowing she’s dead, and never coming back. It’s sort of like hearing a ghost in The Machine, except it’s not pretending to be her, just using her voice out of respect.

It was sad to see everyone’s reactions to Root’s demise. Turns out, Fusco respected her. Finch deeply misses “hearing her voice.” The Machine loved her as much as it could. Shaw has emotional vacancy, but that’s why we lover her. The worst part though had to be seeing her unmarked grave, with only Fusco and Reese there to mourn. Dang, POI.

Meanwhile, we have only two episodes left, so expect them to be one big last push to take out Samaritan. It’s fair to say that whether they win or lose, there will be tears shed, because the numbers are ending.


The whole time in DC, and nobody thinks to call Jack Bauer.

Points of Interest:

  • Or WILL the numbers keep coming? I’ve watched enough television to know a possible spin-off when I see one. Unless CBS buys “New Team Machine POI” or Netflix picks it up, it seems like an empty promise. Either way, the fact that the show would continue with new characters doesn’t look good for our regular squad. Be gentle with our feelings, writers.
  • Would I watch a spinoff with those three characters? I’d give it a shot, but how do you follow the talent of this series? Harper and Logan are charismatic, but they’re a long ways from Finch, Reese, and the others.
  • Where’s Bear? I miss Bear. Maybe he’ll be the one to pull the giant Samaritan plug.

Final Score:

POI four half bear




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