Why A Joker Origin Movie Isn’t A Good Thing

24 08 2017


A new Joker movie is in the works- is this a good or bad thing?? Hint- the title is a spoiler. You can find my thoughts on my other creative outlet here.


Why Person Of Interest Should Be Next On Your Netflix List

16 08 2017


As anyone who’s followed my page for a while knows, my classic bread-and-butter content focused on movie reviews (which I still do) and Person of Interest episode reviews (which are still up). The show may be officially completed, but I wrote one last POI article for creators.co here. Check it out, fellow TV fans.

4 Mistakes Netflix’s The Defenders Needs To Avoid

8 08 2017


Only a few days left before we get a crazy team-up of street heroes! You can find my hopes and dreams for The Defenders here.