What Happens if Ben Affleck Leaves Batman

14 09 2017


Sad Batman is sad. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Is Ben really out after Justice League? What happens to Batman then? Are you tired of my linked Creator.co articles, or is the extra content a light in today’s dark world? Either way, check out my theories for the DCEU’s Batman future here!


Argo 5-Point Review (Where Was Liam Neeson?)

24 10 2012
Argo Promo Image

Affleck, Destroyer of Worlds, with giant camera.


1. Argo is a better Taken movie than Taken 2. Even if you’re up to snuff on your history, it’s still a smart, enjoyable and tense ride. While the pacing may be better than Taken 2, I still argue that if Liam Neeson had been in charge of rescuing the hostages, we’d have a much shorter film with a higher body count.

2. Ben Affleck is in it! And I still called it “smart, enjoyable!” But seriously, Affleck’s character is the anchor of the movie, keeping our attention without falling into overacting.

3. Usually with these “based on a true story” movies I brace myself and unconsciously look for obvious Hollywood changes. This time, however, I was so into the movie I really didn’t care. During the end credits, they even show pics of the real hostages next to their film representatives, and I gotta admit it’s pretty spot on.

4. That is, except Ben Affleck’s character, which is coincidentally the only one they don’t show side-by-side. That’s because his name is Tony Mendez, and he is not a white dude. Look, I know it’s Ben’s movie, but still it’s kind of an odd decision, and I thought it was a fake name for most of the movie because it’s so blatant.


The Real Tony Mendez

Pictured: Not Ben Affleck.


5. While parts of the movie (mostly the finale) were juiced up a bit for the screen, what we have here is one of the more incredible covert operations of United States history finally being told, and it’s done well. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join Hollywood or the CIA at the end. Even if Liam Neeson didn’t bulldoze his way through.


One more thought- The fake movie “Argo” was completely terrible and the world’s a better place for it not existing (Blue Wookies?! Really?).