Skyfall 5-Point Review

22 11 2012

1. Skyfall isn’t the year’s best movie, but it hits all the right notes and raises the bar for future Bond installments. It mixes just the right amounts of humor, grittiness, spectacle, and general Bond-ness (locations, villains, women) to serve us an Aston Martin of a film in a market of El Caminos.


Daniel Craig Skyfall

Bond is sad the sky is falling.


2. Javier Bardem is creepily effective as baddie Silva. Numerous people have gone so far as to liken his performance with Heath Ledger’s absorbed role as the Joker in The Dark Knight.


Skyfall Villain Javier Bardem

Well, my Creep-O-Meter just went crazy.


3. This was regrettably the incredible Judi Dench‘s last movie as “M,” but she made quite the exit. Her unique relationship with Bond was thankfully given ample screen time, and she unquestionably out-shined the other actresses in the movie (sorry, “Bond girls”). Ben Whishaw also gave a memorable impression as “Q.”



Ben Whishaw Cillian Murphy

Maybe it’s just me, but I kept seeing Cillian Murphy from Batman.


4. My initial issue with the movie was the lack of theme, but then I remembered I was watching a Bond movie. Spy movies by design rarely concern themselves with much symbolism or recurring themes, at least not that I’ve noticed.


5. Not having seen all 250 Bond movies, I can’t say this was the “best Bond ever,” but it became my personal favorite. Sometimes surprises are good. And yes, Daniel Craig is awesome too.


Sean Connery Awesome

Bond. Original Bond.


Bonus: Did anyone else catch a Home Alone vibe during the climax booby-trap sequence? I was waiting for the swinging paint gallons. Also you’d think the head of a spy organization would know to turn off the flashlight at night, unless you want to stand out like a lighthouse.