“God Mode” – Person of Interest Season Finale Review (Episode 22)

10 05 2013

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“God Mode” did such a good job of wrapping up the season’s plot line, you didn’t notice till the end what a mess it really made. John Nolan had said in a prior interview that this episode ended “part one” of Person of Interest. How dramatic a change will we be seeing? Honestly it’s hard to say, but hopefully it’ll be less dramatic than Finch and Nathan’s flashbacks this episode. Now we know how bad of a day Finch had- and how it changed him physically and morally. To me, seeing these long-unanswered questions (Finch’s limp, Nathan’s death) finally revealed was one of the highlights of this episode, if only because that’s where I felt the emotional punch in the gut.

In the present, we got a crazy conspiracy/science fiction plot that centered on Team Kick-Butt (Reese and Shaw) trying to beat Team Chess Club (Finch and Root) to the physical location of The Machine. The hackers beat them by a few minutes, which is unimpressive considering Team Kick-Butt saved not one, but two numbers along the way. After Root’s (Amy Acker) ominous “ready to meet God?” speech before opening the final door, it was almost funny to see just a guy sitting at a card table in a giant empty room. Talk about a letdown. Creepily, The Machine had moved itself to a new location through a series of manipulative communications, which is problematic since The Machine seems to like Root now (I mean, I understand why, if you have a thing for attractive, brilliant psychos).

Should Finch have let The Machine free? Should Carter have saved Elias? That’s the great thing about this show; it doesn’t answer every moral question for the viewer. Before, we had a government branch completely free of oversight and out of control, and now we have a sentient program equally free. However, just like last season’s finale, we have no idea what The Machine will do. To be honest, it’s not quite as much as a cliff-hanger as last season because I really can’t tell which plot twists are bad and which are good (though Root in control of The Machine? Yeah, that’s probably bad).

Amy Acker POI

Hacker Showdown!

Final Thoughts:

1. WHERE. WAS. FUSCO. He’s seriously been missing in action in several episodes, but why in the world did they keep him out of the finale? Basically every other major or minor character (except Zoe) made appearances (even the obscure Russian gangster),  except one of the four main characters is left out? I don’t know, that kind of rubbed me the wrong way, especially with all the development he’s gone through this season; I expected some sort of payoff…

2. Speaking of, where did Shaw go at the end? The last we see her is leaving the facility, and we find Root at the hospital, but Shaw’s not with Finch and Reese. At this point, I guess it’s safe to say she’s in the private vigilante club after that initiation. Not to mention they’re the only people not trying to knock her off.

3. Another unanswered question- what is Carter going to do with Elias? Will she take him back to prison? Let him loose again? Go on fantastic adventures on a cross-country road trip? Eh, probably one of the first two options.

4. I think that was the shortest number ever at the wedding. Talk about efficiency. What makes it more hilarious is the new couple will never have any idea what the heck happened at their wedding. “Congratulations.”

5. This is it. Welcome to the long, dry summer of no new episodes. Look out for a season 2 wrap-up review soon- I have to write about something, right?

Conclusion: 9.0/10