Why Person Of Interest Should Be Next On Your Netflix List

16 08 2017


As anyone who’s followed my page for a while knows, my classic bread-and-butter content focused on movie reviews (which I still do) and Person of Interest episode reviews (which are still up). The show may be officially completed, but I wrote one last POI article for creators.co here. Check it out, fellow TV fans.


Person of Interest- Season 3 Preview

16 09 2013


Person of Interest’s third season kicks off in just a few days. It’s fair to say anything connected to a Nolan sibling remains under close wraps, but there have been a few details that have come out of the machine (chortle!). The below information can be found in more detail elsewhere on the Interwebs, but here’s enough to whet any fan’s appetite.

Cast Changes

1. Sarah Shahi‘s BA character Shaw is now an official series regular. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be in every episode (just look at Fusco), but expect a lot more barbs between her and Reese.

Returning Side Characters

2. Also confirmed by producer Jonathan Nolan is the return of crime boss Elias and fan favorite Zoe. The last time we saw Elias, he had just been rescued by Carter, so it should be interesting to see where he’ll be residing, and if he’ll regain his power. Also expect to see more of Root (Amy Acker), judging from the finale. Has therapy worked on her? Will she be receiving numbers?

Current Events

3. Remember the whole ongoing NSA scandal? POI’s writers sure do, and have hinted at referencing the current topic, as in what happens when people find out about surveillance? Nolan mentioned that since reality actually mirrors their original premise, they will be pushing the sci-fi a little farther to keep the “five minutes into the future” aspect of the show.

New Time

4. One big thing to remember is that the show is changing times. For better or worse, it’s now scheduled for Tuesday (no longer Thursday) nights an hour later at 10 PM Eastern. While this makes it a little more of a pain to review the same night, be sure I’ll be doing my darndest to get it out before the morning.


5. The Machine is now free, and although it’s still choosing to give out numbers, Nolan has promised we should see more of a personality develop. Remember, its identity is no longer being erased every night, so things may get interesting.


Yes, Bear will be back, so all is well.

Person of Interest returns 9/24 at 10 PM Eastern time.