Occupy Weird Street

15 11 2011

As of this writing, the Occupy Wall Street folks have been cleared out of their “tent city” in New York City. The same goes for other cities, such as Oakland and Denver. Do these protesters have a point? Were the officials being wet blankets? What happens now? Who were the weirdest protesters?

Guess which question I think is most important.

Okay, I’m not a Occupy Wall Street expert. However, I don’t follow where the Pooh Bear theme fits into their message. But hey, it’s cold in NYC, so you can’t say the hat is pointless, and she also made a rather clever “bear” pun.

One of the reasons authorities gave for the eviction is the rising crime and drug use within the encampments, which is of course nonsense.

No drugs here.

There are approximately 13 misdemeanors authorities could have tacked onto the movement based on this video alone. All I can say is Santa Guy and Dancing Man were on a trip that no subway could ever take them on.

Oh, if only there was someone to keep all this madness in check! Someone to help the Little Guys and the Big Man talk things over without tear gas and tents. You know, a real life superhero.

Super Nerds

The Serious Way to Fight Crime

Be careful what you wish for. A member of the Real Life Superheroes group (actual members above) ¬†happened to be in the middle of Occupy Oakland. These individuals literally dress up and patrol streets at night, hoping the bad guys aren’t armed with a gun or an even more obnoxious costume. Roy Sovari, aka “Ray,” and his fellow hero “Motor Mouth,” basically were “providing security” and “protecting the people’s right to assembly.” Because nothing says “political movement” like donning a cape or paintball mask and wearing undies over your normal clothes. Anyway, Sovari ended up getting arrested after supposedly hitting a cop with his Captain American-ish shield. The full story can be found on the official superhero site¬†here. Apparently, all you need is a costume and photoshopping skills, and BAM!, you’re Batman. Or Master Legend.

Hopefully this post will clear up all the Occupy confusion and help everyone find some common ground. Now go play a saxophone for a bear.