“YHWH” – Person of Interest Finale Review (Season 4, Episode 22)

6 05 2015

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Another Person of Interest finale, another game-changing ending. Dominic and Elias’ war finally ends in a deadly way. The Machine is all but destroyed, reduced to a miniscule fragment of itself. Samaritan takes out Control and all her cronies. Reese shoots half the kneecaps in New York City.

The “Correction” reveal was the cornerstone that explained how this episode (and kind of the entire season) fit stogether. The “Correction” wasn’t a massive terrorist attack, but a way to draw all the major rival players out and take them down at once. Samaritan may not have started the Dominic vs. Elias gang war, but it certainly exploited it. Not to mention how it also allowed Samaritan to neatly take out Control and her crew (RIP, Grice!). These all came off as genuine surprises, because most people had been expecting this to be the end of Samaritan and the beginning of Control working more on The Machine’s side. It looked like she had the upper hand, and gosh it was exquisite seeing her taunt Greer as he supposedly was beaten. Also, way to go away from the norm and not have Samaritan’s big plan be a large-scale attack. All signs were pointing to it, but instead we got a neat surgical strike on everyone Samaritan deemed to be a cause of wrong (except Team Machine of course).

I couldn’t believe it when both crime heavyweights got KO’d at the end. Obviously, we weren’t done when they were put into the police car next to each other (poor choice). When Elias’ henchman rams the car and flips it, I was surprised but satisfied. When they both stumbled out of the car, and then got sniped, my jaw  dropped. Dominic (Winston Duke) was an excellent rival to Elias (Enrico Colantoni), and their turf war this season was a highlight. He made a great villain for season 4, and there was definitely still some potential there, such as if he really had been in Harold’s class in 2 Pi R. But Elias? I refuse to believe he’s gone until proven otherwise. He certainly got hit in a less-lethal area than poor Dominic. If he did get killed there, the show’s going to have a big hole that won’t be filled in the criminal world.

Besides being a nonstop thrill ride with show-altering twists, this hour featured a heck of a lot of characters from Person of Interest’s rich lineup. Everyone from season 4 was here- Iris, Harper, Dominic, Elias, Grice, Control, etc., and then the writers even brought back the random POI Caleb from season 2. They all fit because they had a role in the drama. It’s not usual to have that many characters in one episode, so it was a fun event, even if half of them got gunned down. The Machine itself finally became a true character here, with an oddly emotional conversation with Harold as it lay dying. Dang, POI, stop making my eyes foggy.

So what’s next? Team Machine is basically in the same position as last year, only a little worse. The Machine will have to be carried around and eventually rebuilt, but will it be the same? How will they still get numbers? Maybe we’ll get even more serialized in Season 5. Will Control ever come out of the deep, dark hole she’s about to go into? Are any of their cover identities intact?  And don’t forget Shaw- will they find her, and will she be with Samaritan now? And who’s the sniper dude? All I can say is, there better be a new season.

Root Michael Emerson Machine POI Finale

Computer Club just got more intense.

Points of Interest:

1. “Detective Fusco, and you’re under arrest jackass!” – best line goes to Fusco

2. Finch: “Are you out of your mind?”    Root: “When has that ever been relevant?”

3. This show always uses songs perfectly to set the mood, and Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine” was no exception.

4. The entire ending sequence was cool and dark enough to be a series ending, but I’m hoping we’ll get a bit more closure than that if POI is renewed this fall.There’s still a bit of ground to cover.

5. Person of Interest‘s finales simply do not disappoint. Period. Bring on next season CBS!

Final Score:

POI five bear


Bad Code- Person of Interest Review (Episode 2)

5 10 2012

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“Bad Code” was definitely an unconventional POI episode. If anyone missed the previous episode, it wouldn’t have been clear that The Machine had actually given a number (Hannah’s); not to mention this was the first episode that was not centered in New York City. Once again, there was not all-knowing Finch  (Michael Emerson) in his nest. Instead, he pretty much stares in disbelief at Root the entire episode, while Reese  (Jim Caviezel) and Carter (Taraji P. Henson) go after a cold case in Texas concerning a missing (presumed dead) girl. Along the way, more light sheds on Root’s background, and finally, we see Finch and Reese reunited. Maybe the return to normalcy next episode will bring back the “classic” Person of Interest feel that this season has been lacking so far. It shouldn’t become predictable, but who hasn’t missed the jabs and banter between Mr. Reese and Finch? Altogether though, this was a great serial episode. Anyway, here’s my random thoughts:

Reese Season Two POI

Always showing off.

1. Bear is back! The potential for humor is even better now that he’s staying in Finch’s nest. I think the dog addition should work well as long as they don’t pull any Lassie moments (What, Bear? Fusco’s stuck in the old well?!).

2.  Amy Acker (I really want to say Amy Hacker) added more to Root’s character this episode, showing Finch the corruption of her own hostage, and proving just how bat-crazy she really is. I would have liked a little more reason why she so easily got away, but it’s clear Reese’s priority was on Finch. Obviously, this isn’t Root’s swan song. Expect to see her later in the season, perhaps offing one-by-one everyone who knew about the machine (three down so far).

4. Dysentery will kill everyone but Root, apparently. Who else loved the Oregon Trail game reference? I seriously want to rewind and see Root’s game, step by step, to see if that was possible.

5. Reese should keep the crossbow.

6. The only thing I got hung out on was how Carter will explain the whole fiasco in Texas to her superiors in NYC, from her fake partner (Reese) to why in the world she was digging up such a cold case. Maybe they went over that, but I completely missed it.

Conclusion: 8.5/10