Star Wars, From A More Civilized Age

11 09 2012

I don’t know about you, but from my point of view, Mondays are evil. They’re everything we free-loving people should deplore- a return to bondage and everything Dark Side for five more days. So, I thought everyone might appreciate a tour of other people’s creations (i.e. I did not make any of these). Star Wars is of course a cultural force, and has extended to numerous areas of our Western society.

star wars facebook status

Like social media, for example.

However, it turns out quite of few of these Star Wars fans are extremely well-bred, and have given a historical twist to the house that George Lucas built (and burned down). Where did I find these old fossils? From sites such as this. I know most of these are probably old hat (zing!) for the internet, but hey, if you don’t like hearing the same joke twice, you’re in the wrong room. One of the most recognizable comes fromĀ, and gives a more distinguished view of Star Wars.

star wars like a sir

So dapper, they’re quite the Ewok’s meow.

Remarkable! Smashing! And without further ado, I’ll step out of the way and let you, well-read reader, peruse the remainder of this artistic gallery.

stormtrooper in history

For a free galaxy.


historical vader

Step aside, Napoleon.


see the galaxy

Vader propaganda poster

Dear Vader needs your help!


american star wars history

Star Wars Landing Day

And thus Germany fell.