13 02 2012
Happy Single's Awareness Day!

Happy Single’s Awareness Day!                     (Photo credit: Max Braun)

Woke up this morning just like any day

Hopped on Facebook to tell a friend “Hey!”

Then I saw on his wall something I had not sought,

He loved his girlfriend, and man, (he said) was she HAWT!

That’s cute, I thought, and switched to the feed,

And got blasted with stories of conjugal needs!

It all hit me like a ton of bricks,

Statuses filled with relational bliss!

Thirty-two friends with the best girl, EVER!

Forty-nine pics with faces of laughter.

And then as obnoxious as an ill-timed fart,

Every message they gave ended with a heart!

Sappiness stretched as far as I could see,

And I said aloud, what could this be?

Then realized, much to my dismay,

It must be Singles Awareness Day!

I logged off my account without feeling bitter,

Even though my plans for the day were withered

With any friends who had found a mate.

“Fine!” (I sniffled) “I’ll have fun without a date!”

So I bought some ice cream (a pint seemed right)

And got together with friends for a Bro Night.

We ate and joked and watched TV

And properly celebrated S.A.D.

Single Awareness Day Meme